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Australia's #1 Choice for Real Estate Agents and Landlords!

Australia's #1 Choice for Real Estate Agents and Landlords!

End Of Lease Cleaning Pty Ltd is a well known and recognised name in the cleaning industry. Our reputation shows the value and importance that we place on cleaning every residence and commercial building using the highest standards in the industry. As a top company in Australia our customers know they are getting the best in the business and we are trusted by individuals and businesses. We clean homes, hospitals, hotels, clubs, offices, factories, and business premises!

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A Once Off Cleaning from End Of Lease Cleaning is extremely detailed and incredibly thorough. These packages will cover all of the typical cleaning chores in a home, office, or other type of property, plus a lot more that may not be expected. We will get your home, apartment, or other property type sparkling clean and fresh in no time, saving you any hassle or effort.

Once Off Cleaning services and packages cover all of the general and heavy duty tasks and chores, even those that are often overlooked, with close attention paid to the details so that the property is spotless when we are finished. We exceed industry standards and customer expectations both, and the only acceptable result is perfection as far as we are concerned.

All of the cleaning services provided by End Of Lease Cleaning covers the areas of .

We cover all suburbs.

An Unforgettable Cleaning Experience And Fabulous Results

With End Of Lease Cleaning you will get the knowledge, experience, and customer service that you expect and then some. We offer a top quality professional clean that includes all of the details, and this gives the best possible results for any property. After the professional cleaning technicians are finished the property will be amazingly clean and extremely appealing. We only use products and supplies which are non toxic and environmentally friendly, and our services include the latest cleaning technology and equipment available.

What End Of Lease Cleaning Offers Clients

  • Professional cleaning technicians who are experienced, trained, and courteous.
  • Appointments and scheduling that are convenient and flexible, including weekends.
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Extra attention is paid to trouble spots and areas with heavy traffic.
  • A rapid response and free quote from a professional technician.
  • Deodorising products are used.
  • Exceptional customer service and fantastic results.
  • A positive cleaning experience.

The Pricing Structure For One Off Cleaning Services

End Of Lease Cleaning has a pricing structure in place that is fair, competitive, and affordable. The rate charged for the services are based on a per hour and per cleaner basis. Some additional services may require that advance notice is given and there may be an additional fee charged if specialised equipment is used during the cleaning assignment. This fee will be in addition to the charges for the cleaners required.

Every One Off Cleaning package will include a minimum of two professional technicians for the booking, and more technicians can be arranged if they are needed. This method decreases the time needed to clean the property while ensuring that exceptional services are provided.

We cover all suburbs.

Standard One Off Cleaning Service Package Checklist

The standard One Off Cleaning service package includes all of the following services, listed by room. Additional services can also be arranged if needed, all you need to do is request the additional services desired when you book the appointment.

All Areas Of The Property Interior

  • Wiping down and dusting base boards
  • Cleaning interior windows and tracks
  • Wiping down cobwebs
  • Dusting, wiping down, and sanitizing all surfaces
  • Emptying and removing all rubbish
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping all floors as applicable, depending on the floor type
  • Wiping down drawers and cabinets, inside and out
  • Edging all carpets
  • Wiping down door jambs and knobs
  • Removing spots and light marks from walls
  • Wiping down electrical outlets and switches
  • Dusting blinds

All Kitchen Areas And Appliances

  • Scrubbing the sink
  • Cleaning all small appliances on the top of counters
  • Cleaning exterior refrigerator, interior can also be cleaned on request
  • Wiping down and sanitizing the range front, top, and hood
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all counters
  • Wiping down exterior microwave, interior can also be cleaned on request
  • Wiping down and sanitizing the exterior of all large appliances
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the chairs and table

All Bathroom Areas And Fixtures

  • Cleaning and sanitizing showers, including the doors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathtubs
  • Cleaning and sanitizing tiled walls
  • Cleaning mirrors to a shine without streaking
  • Sanitizing the floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sinks
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilets
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and polishing chrome
  • Hand washing marble surfaces

Living Areas Including Bedrooms

  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Wiping down wardrobes, dressers, and other furnishings
  • Making the bed, removing dirty linen and replacing with clean linen
  • Wiping down phones
  • Tidying up the rooms so that they appear neat and clean

* Additional Services Are Available On Request

We cover all suburbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Off Cleaning is a package offered by End Of Lease Cleaning that includes a single booking and a spotless home after the appointment. Often certain tasks are overlooked and the cleaning chores can pile up. Our professional cleaners can come in and set everything right, giving your home a detailed cleaning from top to bottom and side to side. This package is very helpful when one time assistance is needed occasionally.

When you book the cleaning services you will also receive a quote for the schedule day and time for the services. A professional cleaning technician will arrive and confirm the quote for the services you desire. If the estimate is accepted then the technicians will usually start the job immediately.

The amount of time and the number of cleaners required for a One Off Cleaning package can vary widely. The specific time and technicians needed will depend on the size and condition of the property, as well as any additional cleaning services that are requested.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Bond Back Guarantee to all of our customers. These guarantees show that we believe in the quality of the work performed by our cleaning technicians and that we stand behind every service that we offer.

If the exterior of the property needs to be cleaned then this can be requested when the package is booked. The specific tasks required can be listed or discussed when the booking is scheduled.

The technicians will remove the rubbish to the designated outside container that is provided. The technicians will not remove garbage from the property location.

It is a good idea to pick up items that are scattered on the floor. The End Of Lease Cleaning technicians can clean properties in any condition though. If the property is not tidied in any way the cleaning may take longer and cost more as a result.

There are some items that the technicians will not move, and glass knickknacks are one of these. Items which are very fragile or breakable will not be moved by the technicians to prevent any damage to these items. Instead the technicians will carefully dust around the items.

We can clean balconies, patios, porches, garages, and other areas if these services are requested at the booking. You simply tell us what cleaning services you need and then we will provide these services at the scheduled appointment time.

End Of Lease Cleaning is fully insured and registered according to Australia law.

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