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Australia's #1 Choice for Real Estate Agents and Landlords!

Australia's #1 Choice for Real Estate Agents and Landlords!

End Of Lease Cleaning Pty Ltd is a well known and recognised name in the cleaning industry. Our reputation shows the value and importance that we place on cleaning every residence and commercial building using the highest standards in the industry. As a top company in Australia our customers know they are getting the best in the business and we are trusted by individuals and businesses. We clean homes, hospitals, hotels, clubs, offices, factories, and business premises!

Recent Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why do I need 2 technicians for Oven Cleaning services? - Oven Cleaning

  • A: All bookings with End Of Lease Cleaning will involve a minimum of 2 cleaners. This provides safety and protection for the technicians and allows us to clean your oven much faster.
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Other FAQs :

  • Q: When should I call End Of Lease cleaning to book the services desired?
  • A: We suggest that you contact us as soon as possible once you realise you need professional cleaners. This helps to ensure that the technicians and equipment that are needed for your booking are available on the day and time that you want to receive these services.
    • Q: How much does End Of Lease Cleaning charge for Oven Cleaning services?
    • A: The cost for the services rendered by End Of Lease will be determined by the amount of time that the technicians need to complete the requested services. The technicians are billed at a flat hourly rate, and this is multiplied by the number of cleaners that are needed to do the job properly.
      • Q: What if I am only home on weekends?
      • A: End Of Lease Cleaning offers flexible scheduling that is convenient. We can book weekend appointments and evening hours to make it easier on the client.
        • Q: Who provides the Oven Cleaning supplies?
        • A: The Oven Cleaning supplies and products used to clean your oven will be provided by the technicians, unless you prefer a specific product and we deem that this product is safe and an effective alternative.
          • Q: What if my oven is filthy and has not been cleaned in years?
          • A: End Of Lease Cleaning specialises in hard to clean items and offers superior results. Our technicians will work hard to get your oven spic and span in the least amount of time possible. In rare cases there may be substances that can not be removed but most of the time the entire oven will look like new when we are finished.

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