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Recent Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How many cleaning technicians will End Of Lease Cleaning send each time? - Regular Domestic Residential Cleaning

  • A: Each booking will have a minimum of 2 cleaning technicians assigned to the property, and more will be scheduled if the property is large or extensive cleaning is required. We determine the ideal number of cleaners needed to get the job done professionally, and to take as little time as possible so you get quick results.
Regular Domestic Residential Cleaning, clean living room

Other FAQs :

  • Q: Are there any items that the cleaning technicians will not move or clean?
  • A: Yes. The End Of Lease cleaning technicians will not move or clean electronic equipment, glass knickknacks, or other items that can be broken or damaged very easily. Our cleaners can not be responsible for these items and they are not allowed to move them even for cleaning purposes.
    • Q: Can Regular Domestic Residential Cleaning be scheduled together with other services or packages from End Of Lease Cleaning?
    • A: Yes. At End Of Lease Cleaning we can schedule all of your cleaning needs with the same booking and appointment time. If there are additional cleaning services that you want performed just let us know what these services are when you book the appointment and we will make sure they are done. Exterior cleaning, windows, and many other services can be quickly arranged.
      • Q: What if I need other cleaning tasks performed?
      • A: End Of Lease Cleaning can provide any cleaning services that could possibly be needed or desired. Contact us and tell us what services you are interested in and we can provide a cost estimate and answer any questions that you may have.
        • Q: How much will I pay for Regular Domestic Residential Cleaning services?
        • A: The cost of Regular Domestic Residential Cleaning services from End Of Lease Cleaning will vary from one property and individual to another. The specific cleaning tasks requested as well as other relevant factors will all play a role in the price of the services and package provided.
          • Q: What if I am not happy with a specific cleaning technician?
          • A: If there is a problem with any of our professional cleaning technicians we want to know immediately. Simply contact us and let us know what the issue is and we will get it resolved quickly. This may include not allowing the technician to be scheduled on your property or result in the termination of the technician if a serious problem or any wrongdoing is suspected. We carry all of the appropriate insurance coverage and provide all of the appropriate employee checks to ensure only highly qualified individuals are hired and retained.

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