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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will the cleaning technicians from End Of Lease Cleaning move furniture?
  • A: No. Our cleaning technicians can not be responsible for moving furniture or items that could be broken. If possible the technicians will assist with light items but they can not be responsible for the outcome.
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Other FAQs :

  • Q: What if I want my basement cleaned?
  • A: End Of Lease Cleaning can provide basement cleaning on request. This must be requested when the appointment is booked.
    • Q: Can End Of Lease Cleaning handle large properties?
    • A: Yes. We can arrange for any number of cleaning technicians so we can handle even the largest commercial properties.
      • Q: How many cleaners will I need?
      • A: The number of cleaners needed for a property will depend on many factors. The size of the property, the scope of the cleaning services requested, and any special tasks needed will be used to figure the optimal number of cleaners that will be needed to take care of the project quickly and professionally.

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